UV Lining for Culvert Rehabilitation on I-65

Video Industrial Services, Inc.

Video Industrial Services (VIS), in partnership with National Water Main Cleaning Company (NWMCC) and Bio-Nomic Services, Inc., won a long-term contract with the Alabama Department of Transportation to clean and line a series of small to large culverts along the I-65 interstate. These culverts ranged from 8” to 36” in diameter, and up to 54” diameter pipes.

The smaller pipes, ranging from 8” to 36” in diameter, were lined using CIPP steam installation methods. However, the 54” diameter culverts were approved to be lined with UV liners, making this the first-ever use of this method in the state of Alabama. NWMCC provided VIS with the Impreg GL16 liner. Members of the Bio-Nomic team were also involved, learning from the VIS and NWMCC crews as the liner was installed. In total, UV lining was used in 375 feet of 54” diameter pipe.
Since this is the first time UV lining has been used in Alabama, the DOT office wanted to review the results over time. The review process will take approximately one year until final approval is granted for future use. If successful, both NWMCC and VIS will be the only companies fully specified to use this application going forward.