NPR Takes a Dive in South Bend – Underwater Root Removal

National Power Rodding

In May of 2023, National Power Rodding (NPR) from Chicago, Illinois, was contacted by the municipality of South Bend, Indiana, to manually remove a large quantity of roots blocking a seven-foot diameter pipe located roughly fifteen feet deep. The only issue was that the pipe was partially submerged underwater, making it somewhat difficult to access.

Due to safety concerns, NPR, acting as the general contractor on the job, contacted a diving company from La Crosse, Wisconsin, to provide assistance with the project. The job required ADCI-certified commercial divers specializing in underwater construction to cut the roots prior to NPR pulling them out and disposing of them.

The main diver had a camera on his helmet capturing all his efforts to cut and load the roots onto a raft NPR rigged up, which was then pulled to and up through the manhole. He was also in full contact with the crew above ground via an open mic. Another diver was positioned for safety at the bottom of the manhole and also assisted in removing the roots up through the manhole.

This successful project covered two main sections of the pipe and was completed over a two-day span. The municipality was very pleased with the outcome.