Multi-Sensor Inspection of Jefferson County’s Large Diameter Interceptors

Video Industrial Services, National Plant Services, Ace Pipe Cleaning

Recently, Jefferson County in Alabama, a long-term customer of Video Industrial Services (VIS), needed to perform multi-sensor inspection (MSI) on their large diameter interceptors through heavily wooded easements to determine if and when rehabilitation was necessary. VIS teamed up with National Plant Services and Ace Pipe Cleaning to bid and perform the work. VIS worked diligently in the heat to “bush hog” the forested easement to provide an access point for National Plant Services. National Plant Services then performed the inspection work using 3D laser data on 66” pipes. There were also stretches of 7,000-8,000 feet in length between access points, so Ace Pipe Cleaning conducted FlyEye inspections on those areas to determine if and when rehabilitation was necessary. Thanks to the cooperation and collaboration of these three companies, the MSI work was successfully bid and completed.