Video Industrial Services works with longtime customer ALDOT


Video Industrial Services (VIS), a Carylon company, recently received a unique request from its longtime customer, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), to assist in inspecting an arch suspension crossing in Tuscaloosa, AL.

The arch suspension crossing, a recent addition to the interstate system, presented a challenge for inspectors. To thoroughly examine the condition of the bridge, they needed to access the interior of the eight hollow box girders that support the bridge deck. Recognizing VIS’s expertise in confined space entry (CSE) for inspecting, cleaning and repairing storm sewer infrastructure, the ALDOT reached out to them for assistance.

The task came with its own set of hurdles. The inspection work had to be conducted at night and during the weekend, potentially requiring three consecutive nights to complete. In order to have enough personnel for the job, two rotating crews were formed with members of VIS’s Industrial, Municipal, and Rehabilitation divisions.

To ensure the safety of the entrants, Angie Masters, VIS’s Safety Director, took charge. She canceled her Friday night plans and met with the first crew, consisting of confined space attendants, the project manager, the local fire department (for confined space rescue), ALDOT representatives, and the bridge’s designer. Angie meticulously reviewed the written plan provided by ALDOT and made necessary additions and modifications to address specific site conditions and concerns raised by the confined space rescue team.

The project manager diligently conveyed all the details specified by Angie to the subsequent shift changes, ensuring a smooth transition and clear understanding of the process. They stayed with the new crew long enough to address any questions or concerns, ensuring their confidence in the operation.

While additional measures such as space ventilation were available, they ultimately proved unneeded. The crews maintained meticulous records, reporting no presence of harmful gasses such as CO, Comb/Ex, or H2S, with only a slight oxygen variance of 20.2 to 20.8.

Although the project required extensive planning and supervision for a relatively small volume of work, it presented a valuable opportunity for VIS to refresh their team on CSE procedures while supporting a customer who entrusted them with a more significant portion of their maintenance needs.

Video Industrial Services takes pride in its commitment to safety and delivering comprehensive solutions for various industrial challenges. Their successful collaboration with the ALDOT highlights their expertise in confined space entry and their dedication to ensuring the well-being of their customers’ personnel during critical inspections.