Looking Ahead – Carylon at 80

By Marcie Hemmelstein, CEO

Today you won’t be checking your pager for messages. You’re not going to Blockbuster tonight to rent a move. You’re not thumbing through the Encyclopedia Britannica for answers to your questions. These tools have been replaced with smart phones, Netflix and Amazon. These companies won simply because they improved our lives by using new technologies. They offered more value and created less friction in our lives.

In our business, particularly with water and sewer pipelines, “open cut” has always been the traditional form of replacing old pipelines. This process includes 9 months of design, 2 months of bidding, 5 dump trucks, dust and noise, closed roads, customer complaints and change orders. Carylon has been at the forefront of innovations to the installation and replacement methods which now encompasses trenchless technology. Trenchless methods are faster, require less resources, are typically less costly and reduce environmental and social impact. They offer a significant reduction in community impact, which ultimately reduces the friction in the lives of our customers.

At Carylon, we have always focused on innovation and we have a long heritage of technological advancements, pioneering new processes, and developing specialized equipment. With that mindset, ten years from now, Carylon will continue to be on the winning side, adding value, reducing friction in our customers’ lives and meet the growing challenges of environmental infrastructure management.

Marcie Hemmelstein is the CEO of Carylon Corporation, the industry-leading national organization of best-in-class regional operating companies that offer specialized services in sewer system maintenance, water supply maintenance and soil/sludge remediation to maintain critical environmental infrastructure.