70 Strong

By Marcie Hemmelstein, CEO

Do you know what the world was like and what was happening 70 years ago?

  • The average the cost of a new house was $7,450.
  • A gallon of gas was 17 cents.
  • The average cost of a new car $1,420.
  • The Lucky Lady II airplane completed the first non-stop circumnavigation flight after 94 hours and 1 minute of travel time.
  • RCA perfected a system for broadcasting color television.
  • The first Polaroid camera sold for $89.95.
  • And oh yes, a company called Carylon Corporation was born.

Times have certainly changed, technology has evolved and there aren’t too companies that can boast they survived 70 years. From humble beginnings in Chicago with one truck and three employees, Carylon grew every year. Today, Carylon has 1,500-plus employees at 14 different companies in over 30 locations. New people, new equipment and new technology keep Carylon on the cutting edge. Through good times and bad, Carylon persevered, changing with the times and adapting as customer needs changed.

Marcie Hemmelstein is the CEO of Carylon Corporation, the industry-leading national organization of best-in-class regional operating companies that offer specialized services in sewer system maintenance, water supply maintenance and soil/sludge remediation to maintain critical environmental infrastructure.