Carylon Innovations – The Early Years

By Marcie Hemmelstein, CEO

Carylon has always led the way in technology and innovation. Many of the tools and equipment our crews use today were created by our founder, Julius (“Jule”) Hemmelstein and his early partners and employees. Jule was a true visionary and, throughout the years, his companies made significant contributions to innovative maintenance services.

In 1960, the first TV camera to inspect sewers was developed at National Power Rodding and revolutionized the industry. Until that time, the only way to visually inspect sewers was to take 35 mm photos, endure the lengthy process of getting them developed, and view the pictures which provided only a dim, inadequate view of the inside of the sewer.

In 1962, Julie and his partners developed a grouting packer to pump acrylamide grout through the joint and into the surrounding soil. The grouting method enabled sewer contractors to stop infiltration of groundwater into sewer lines and to seal joints and manholes, as well as service connections, up to an unheard of length of 38 feet, another unprecedented advance for the sewer industry nationwide.

Jule’s continued investigation and experimentation led to the creation of smaller cameras to vastly improve the ability to pan and tilt around the sewer line, and zoom in on problem areas. He also helped introduce an improved crawler, using better tracks, which moved the camera through the sewer line smoothly. To streamline operations, a computer was installed inside each inspection truck that let the camera operator view footage from inside the sewer line, enter the findings into the computer and print the results for the customer.

Creating ways to offer cost-effective, innovative repairs will always be the key to our company’s success. Inspired by Jule, the Carylon Corporation and its companies, through the efforts and innovations of our employees continue the dedication to innovation and technologic advances to meet customer needs.

Marcie Hemmelstein is the CEO of Carylon Corporation, the industry-leading national organization of best-in-class regional operating companies that offer specialized services in sewer system maintenance, water supply maintenance and soil/sludge remediation to maintain critical environmental infrastructure.