No-Dig Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Spot Repairs


It’s a practical, fast and economical "no dig" solution for pipes with partial structural deterioration and/or distortion, interior corrosion, settling, misalignment and cracking. It provides jointless renovation, improves flow characteristics, adds to the structural integrity of the pipe and virtually eliminates all exfiltration and infiltration at the repaired area.

Our cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining consists of an epoxy-based, impregnated polyurethane-coated felt tubing that is installed by experienced technicians using trenchless "pull in, inflate and cure" methods. It is used for sectional pipe repairs and can reconstruct pipes segments from 6 inches to 3 feet in diameter, and 1 to 30 feet in length. Our methods exceed all ASTM minimum strength requirements, and the epoxies can be formulated for job specific applications.

Our Unmatched Guarantee: "You must be satisfied or you pay absolutely nothing for our services."

our advantages

Industry Leading Innovations

From the beginning, Carylon companies have thrived on the notion of innovation. They invented the first continuous rod, truck-mounted power rodder for cleaning sewers, developed the use of closed-circuit television for sewer line inspections, and pioneered the internal sealing of leaking sewers using pressure chemical grouting.

24/7/365 Response When Needed

Carylon companies were among the first to provide privatized disaster response; giving top priority to requests for assistance following any natural or man-made disaster. Our vast resource of men, equipment and experience have helped many disaster-stricken communities restore normalcy to the lives of their residents in the shortest time possible.

Our Unmatched Guarantee

Whether your project calls for the use of one man and one piece of equipment, or multi-disciplinary crews and a fleet of specialized equipment, we can do the job, and do it right. And, we don't just say we can - we guarantee it. All work is backed by a guarantee that is unmatched in the industry.