Kansas City Water Services Hydrant Inspection

Location: Kansas City, MO
Client: Kansas City Water Services
Carylon Operating Company: Ace Pipe Cleaning
Services Performed: Water Main Inspection & Leak Detection

Kansas City Water Services has a well-developed asset management program of their water distribution system and the hydrants in the distribution system are part of this program. It is critical to the fire protection of the region and to reduce non-revenue water loss.As part of this program, an annual hydrant maintenance program has been initiated.

Ace Pipe Cleaning has been under contract since 2005 implementing the annual hydrant program. The specific activities associated with this program included inspection, leak detection of the distribution system around the hydrants as well as rebuilding and replacing approximately 700 fire hydrants annually throughout the city of Kansas city, Missouri. This required coordination of field technicians and WBE participants as well as daily progress tracking and reporting inspection, leak detection results utilizing specific equipment and tools per the requirements of the contract.